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T r a c k   S p e c s




Track Specifications:

  • 14 turns
  • 8/10 mile
  • 950' straight away
  • Elevation Changes
  • 25' to 30' wide asphalt
  • Concrete Curbs on inside turn radius
  • Concrete Rumple Strips at run-off areas
  • 25' minimum run off
  • Single & double row hay bails all around the track. This is a very safe track.


Track Extras:

  • A & B timing strip
  • Alfano strips in track
  • Electronic Scales
  • Timing Tower
  • PA System
  • Concrete Pit Spaces
    (with E-Z Ups tie down)
  • 8x11 Storage Units
  • Pro Shop
  • Permanent Bathrooms
  • Shaded Spectators Bleachers

Track Photos



 Here at Grangé, we are always striving for excellence. And believe to have one of the finest race tracks around. We offer a wide variety of services. There's a Racing School to get you started. And a Pro Shop for your accessories. We offer a variety of fuels on site, VP fuel, 110, C12, Ultimate 4. Big parking areas to accommodate semi truck and trailers on race day. Permanent Men's and Women's bathrooms and clean up-to-date grounds to make your stay enjoyable.



  Air conditioned with tile floor. 360 degree view of the track and Computer hook ups for the A & B timing strip   These units have hardwood floors and located on pit row with direct access to the race track The monthly rent is only $75  
  Our Pre Grid is well suited for those warm days. It is 40x60 and shaded. And has a 20 Kart capacity.   Built in electronic scales. Accurate and reliable. The professional touch for any serious racing event. And shaded.  


To make your race day even more enjoyable there are some new additions at Grangé. The Registration / Pro Shop with it's elegant styling and modern conveniences offers the serious promoter a little extra.



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